I will admit I am a big Walmart shopper, while the crowds can get large those roll back prices have me coming back for more groceries. And while we have seen mask requirements already from national stores like Best Buy and Starbucks, no requirement was made by Walmart, until now.

We just got the details from CNN, that beginning next week all Walmart and Sam's Club customers will be required to wear a face mask. The 9,000 company-owned stores will start the new requirement on Monday (July 20th) of next week.

This is going to be interesting because I go to Walmart most days after work to pick up something for dinner or other needed supplies and I would say that way more than 50% of all customers that enter or exit the store are not wearing face masks.

It's going to be interesting to see how Walmart and Sam's Club introduce this new requirement. I'm wondering if they will offer free face masks to customers who don't currently have one or forgot to wear one? Or if they will simply turn away customers.

Also, how will the public react to this big change? It was only back in May when Costco decided to start requiring face masks for all customers and it still seems like some people are not happy with the decision and letting their feelings out on social media.

As more details get released on this big story we will make sure to pass along the information to you. Do you agree with Walmart and Sam's Club requiring face masks or do you wish they would have never made this rule?

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