Within the top 10 reasons for living in Colorado, for most people, is Red Rocks Amphitheatre. It's given us so much joy over the years, it was due to its own beer.

When people ask, 'What beers do they have at Red Rocks?' you'll be able to tell them that they have their very own craft beer, made just for the venue. It sounds like a great beer, too. The next time you're there you should grab one.

It's kind of like getting a Dodger Dog at Dodgers Stadium; as now you can go to Red Rocks and get their official craft beer, made by AC Golden Brewing, an offshoot of Coors. It's made with Colorado ingredients, which makes it all that much better. I can see myself now, hoisting up a cup or a 24 oz. can of this beer, while waiting for the band to get underway and just soaking it all in.

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They've announced that Sundown Cerveza is now available at the venue. A Mexican-style lager, that sounds delicious, and it's made just eight miles away. That is LOCAL.

From AC Golden Brewing:

To have the opportunity to collaborate with Red Rocks Amphitheatre is a huge deal – not only do we feel the authentic connection between our brands, but we are downright honored....From humble beginnings to the most iconic stage in the world – we’ve officially made it on the craft beer scene.

Imagine seeing Nathaniel Rateliff just tearing it up on stage, while you enjoy a Sundown Cerveza. That's a pretty 'Colorado' day, right there.

YouTube/Red Rocks Co

If you can't wait until your next Red Rocks show, or want to put on your own Red Rocks-feel event in the backyard, the beer will be available at liquor stores and grocery stores in July.

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