There is no question about it, this has been a weird year of weather in Colorado.

By most accounts, the changing of the leaves was delayed this year by unusually warm weather across the state as summer was winding down. Some have wondered if there would even be a color season this year, and if there was one, how vibrant it would be. The good news is the leaves are changing and it looks like we have lots of colors.

Colorado photographer Doug Rudnik travels the state each fall in search of brilliant and scintillating fall colors. He says the season hasn't peaked yet and the colors are great right now.

"The places I have visited haven't peaked yet, but are still gorgeous. We have to be patient, let things develop, take pleasure in the process...even in the waiting."


Rudnik's travels so far this fall have taken him from Routt National Forest, Roosevelt National Forest, northwest of Fort Collins,  and  Snowy Range in southern Wyoming.

Obviously, Colorado's higher country is seeing an earlier peak, but there are still plenty of places to enjoy the changing colors of Colorado's fall.

The U.S. Forest Service has posted some recent pictures of colors in western Colorado. If you haven't been out yet to see the colors, it's not too late.

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