Saying goodbye to a family pet is one of the hardest things to do in life. Pets can be so much fun to own but saying goodbye is always the hardest part If your pet passes away in Colorado, what are the options for the owner?

Can you bury a pet in the backyard in Colorado? Some states allow pets to be buried on your property and others do not. Let's zoom in on the law in our state.

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Can I Bury My Pet in My Yard in Colorado?

The site offers some insight into the law in Colorado. In our state, you can bury a pet on your property so long as the pet is not contaminated, and did not die from an infectious disease. While the burial is legal in Colorado, there are all kinds of guidelines you will need to follow. The best person to discuss this with is your pet's veterinarian. Learn more about the specifics in Colorado here.

How to Lay Your Pet to Rest in Colorado

While you can purchase a container to rest your pet inside, the biodegradable option of burying them in the ground is often recommended by vets. It is recommended the pet is buried at least 3 to 5 feet underground. This keeps other animals from digging up the remains. Your family might want to mark the resting place with a special stone or custom paw print.

Alternative Options for Pets

Colorado is home to many Pet Cemeteries that may be a good option for your family. I can think of at least two locations in Grand Junction: Final Paws and Five Lights Cemeteries. Having the pet cremated is the right choice for some who choose to keep the ashes of the animal in a keepsake like a pawprint or memory stone.

The loss of your pet is never an easy one, but providing them with the right resting place is one of the small things we can do to cope with the grieving process.

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