Just down the road in Silverton, Colorado is the Old Hundred Gold Mine which sits out on County Road 4A a few miles east of Silverton.

The Old Hundred Gold Mine's beginnings trace back to 1872 when miners began working in the Galena Mountain area. By 1898 miners began to find gold in a new #7 claim named "Old Hundred" which sat at 12,750 feet.

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Tour the Old Hundred Gold Mine in Silverton, Colorado

The tour into Colorado's Old Hundred Gold Mine lasts for about an hour underground. Hard hats and raincoats are provided for safety. The mine is about 48 degrees and damp, so dress for these conditions. Tickets for adults are $28, and $14 for kids ages 5 to 12 years old. Panning for gold is included in the tour and visitors can keep what they find.

How Much Gold Was Found in the Old Hundred Mine?

By 1904 the mining company had already pulled over $1 million dollars out of the mountain and they had yet to even find the #7 tunnel which was hiding the majority of the gold. By 1908, it was time to face the facts that the mountain had been tapped out although efforts to find more continued on until the 1960s.

Scroll Through Photos of the Mining Tour at Old Hundred Mine

The old boarding house that belonged to the mine was basically built on the side of a cliff and is a fascinating sight to see. Several old photos of this structure can be found here on the Old Hundred Mine website. Scroll on to see the mine today and to look at photos from deep inside the Colorado 13er that was hiding all that gold.

Photos: See Inside the Old Hundred Gold Mine in Silverton, Colorado

See inside the Old Hundred Gold Mine just outside of Silverton, Colorado. Tours of the Old Hundred mine are available from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on weekdays during the summer months. Visitors can pan for gold while waiting to ride the train into the mountain to see inside the mine and take photos.

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