Coloradans are extremely lucky to have the opportunity to witness so many amazing types of wildlife. Although animals like deer and elk are fairly common to spot, it's still cool to have these kinds of encounters.

However, it's even more exciting to come across wildlife that's less frequently seen in the Centennial State. Sighting your first moose or bear is bound to make anyone's day.

CPW shared a video that Colorado resident, Sabra St. Clair recently captured featuring incredible footage of several lynx bounding in the snow near the town of Silverton. Not only is this solitary species one that's not often seen, but it's also even rarer for it to be with another feline. At one point in history, lynx were completely wiped out of the state due to habitat loss, poisoning, and fur trapping.

Following a seven-year reintroduction effort of the lynx that began in the 1990s, Colorado Parks and Wildlife believe that around 150-250 of these beautiful creatures now currently live here. Many of them can be found in the San Juan Mountains.

CPW continues to monitor these important predators, often using snowmobiles to track them down during the wintertime. Wildlife officials also implement trail cameras to track the species throughout Colorado's forests.

Uncommon Animals of Colorado

It's pretty rare to see these types of wildlife in Colorado.

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