Mythical creatures are said to be lurking in some of the furthest and darkest corners of Colorado.

Colorado is a large state full of mines, abandoned ghost towns, and dense forests. Who's to say that wildlife are the only creatures occupying a few of those spaces?

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Do You Know Your Neighbors in Colorado?

There are a few legends here in Colorado that state that we humans are not alone here in Colorado. In fact, many believe that we might just share the land with creatures beyond this realm.

Colorado Mountains Considered Home to Large Beasts

The mountains in Colorado are frequented by tourists and locals alike, and there have been reports of strange sightings of creatures that are larger than life.

Yetis have been reported to be seen across various mountain ranges during the winter. Yetis are often described as ape-like creatures with long white hair and are said to be extremely tall.

During the summer, however, you'll probably hear reports of Sasquatches, a creature more often referred to as Bigfoot.

Both Sasquatches and Yetis are believed to live in the wild only coming out at night to avoid human interaction.

Fantasy Meets Reality in Colorado

Before many of Colorado's mines were abandoned, there were reports of creatures similar to leprechauns, known as Tommyknockers.

Rarely seen but often heard, these creatures were said to warn miners of trouble by knocking on the walls of the mine beneath workers.

Another creature widely reported in Colorado is not so nice, the troll. There are varying reports when it comes to size and shape, but the overall message about Colorado trolls is that their not to be messed with. However, please do not confuse these creatures with their human counterparts sitting behind a keyboard in their parent's basement.

COLORADO LEGENDS: 11 Bigfoot Sightings That Apparently Happened in Western Colorado

Alleged bigfoot sightings have been happening all over the country for years.

Hunters and campers have reported seeing strange, large creatures covered in hair that walk upright like humans around Colorado.

Here are 11 alleged bigfoot sightings in Western Colorado.

UFO Sights from All Around Grand Junction, Colorado

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10 of Colorado's Most Popular Myths and Legends

If you are on the hunt for myths and legends the good news is you will not have to go far to find them in Colorado. All four corners of the state are filled with their own local legends and eerie encounters.

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