There is good news and bad news here. The good news is a moose fell into a Colorado basement and is fine. The bad news is the family's ping pong table didn't fare as well.

Colorado Parks & Wildlife shared this surreal moment from a few days ago in Breckenridge. It was a moose that had sadly fallen through a snow-covered window. The moose (admittedly not in a great mood by the look on his face) did not suffer any serious injuries. However, look at the ping pong table in front of him.

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In a press release, Colorado Parks & Wildlife said this happened on Monday, January 11 at around 3:30p. They included these details in their rescue effort:

Wildlife officers responded and discovered a moose that had been grazing near a home had fallen through a snow-covered window well and into the home’s basement. Responding officers opened doors to create exits for the moose, but could not get the moose to leave because it required going up a basement staircase to reach the exits.

The news release added that the officers were forced to remove the antlers of the animal so he could fit through the exits of the home. The good news is this is the time of year that moose normally shed their rack anyway, so should not create a problem for the animal.

Other than a small cut on its leg, the moose is fine and now back in the wild thanks to a family who kept their cool and wildlife officials with a very creative solution to freeing the moose.

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