The Colorado Mesa University Cycling team won the award of a lifetime and took the gold at the Omnium. Winning the Omnium is the highest achievement in cycling, according to CMU.

The Omnium consists of five disciplines and teams must perform well in all five to win. According to CMU, scores from the national championships are added up at the end of the season and the school with the highest score wins.

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Dalton Walters, who is on the CMU Cycling team, says that they've wanted to win this for a long time. He said that everyone on the team is friends and by the middle of the season, they had a significant lead, according to Colorado Mesa University.

This a major accomplishment for the athletes, the team, coaches, Colorado Mesa University and everyone involved and according to CMU here's how the team placed:

The road and BMX national championships were canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic. Out of the 25 other schools that completed, Colorado Mesa University came in on top.

We know that everything is different because of COVID-19, but we hope that each and every athlete and coach is celebrating their big win. They've had their sights set on winning this for a while and this year, they did.

We're so proud of all of the athletes, the coaches, and everyone at Colorado Mesa University and we sure that when it comes to next year's Omnium, CMU will be number one then too.

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