This 20-year-old is the Steve Irwin of Colorado. Dylan McWilliams not only got bitten by shark, he was also bitten by a black bear and a rattlesnake.

Dylan goes to Hawaii, thinking that he'll have nothing but relaxation on his vacation. He's wrong. While surfing in Kawaii recently, Dylan was bitten by a tiger shark. He said the shark seemed like it was between six to eight feet long.

He thankfully got away with some stitches but this isn't Dylan only run in with wildlife. He seems to have something that attracts them, like he's the Steve Irwin of Colorado or something.

Dylan McWilliams is seriously lucky to be alive. Last summer while camping at Glacier View Ranch in Boulder, he was attacked by a black bear. Dylan woke up to his head inside of a bear's mouth attempting to drag him away. Dylan luckily got away with some scars.

That's not it for the Steve Irwin of Colorado. Dylan's walk with wildlife started when he was sixteen. While he was in Utah he was walking around and came across a cactus. He kicked the cactus, only it wasn't a cactus. It was a rattlesnake. According to Dylan, 'it bit me too.'

Good thing Dylan has a good sense of humor about it. In his Instagram post above he even jokes around including a picture of his idol and this caption, 'you mean bear, shark, next an alligator?'

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