When you walk into a pet store, usually you see a group of puppies, near the door, clamoring for attention. That extra bit of cuteness is how puppies get sold in pet stores, but where do they come from?

For some, the puppies are supplied by what is known as "puppy mills". Breeders will continuously breed dogs in cages, sanitary conditions a passing thought and they are bred until they can no longer do so, at which point they are discarded and another brought in to take its place.

Legislation introduced in Colorado seeks to end that.

House bill 20-1084 will end the "puppies for profit" businesses who are only concerned with getting puppies, not making sure they're healthy or up to date on shots and it's this sort of abuse the legislation looks to end.

If passed, there will be established standards for selling animals, will prohibit the sale of animals at a public place like a store parking lot for example, and will no longer allow the sale of puppies and kittens at pet stores, as well as prohibit shelters from purchasing the animals as well.

Many pet store owners are unhappy with the wording of the bill, as selling puppies and kittens are a regular part of their business, and many are reputable.

But it's the ones who aren't that have brought about legislation like this, seeking to make the animals available only from reputable breeders.

We want to get a puppy or kitten who will be healthy, up to date on shots and ready for adoption, not one who is or may become sick or even die.

This legislation hopes to accomplish that and more.

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