The Ute Indian Tribe has had plenty of land taken away over the years, but for a change, they are on the receiving end.

A Colorado landowner by the name of Rich Snider bought a parcel of land in southern Colorado a few years ago and discovered historic buildings and Indian graves and came to feel it was a sacred place. And, so he reached out to the Ute Indian Tribe on the Uintah and Ouray Reservation wanting to give the land near San Luis back to them.

Snider said living on the piece of land had given him peace, but that he was overwhelmed by the historic presence of the Ute Indian Tribe.

As you may know, the Ute Indian tribe once resided in the Grand Junction area before being forced out of Colorado in the late 1800s. They now reside in northeastern Utah.

In September, Snider signed over the deed to the property to the Utes, and recently the tribe honored him at a reception in Denver. The Ute Indian Tribe hopes this transaction will inspire others to follow suit.

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