Wake up, go fishing, take a swim, enjoy some coffee go waterskiing, eat lunch, take a nap, go swimming, go fishing, and then sleep under the stars. That's what I imagine it's like to live on a boat.

Not sure you can live on a boat at Horsetooth, but you sure can sleep on your boat if that's your thing.

Scoring the waterfront campsites at Horsetooth can be a challenge, but if you have a boat, and don't mind sleeping on it, it's pretty easy to stay overnight.

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I spoke with the front desk at the Horsetooth Area Information Center and here's what you need to know. There are 10 boat-in campsites you can reserve online, but turns out you can also just park your boat in a cove for the night. There is a REQUIREMENT though, you must have a 360-degree white all-around anchor light which most boats have, but can also be bought on Amazon for under $20.

Obviously, you need to have a Larimer Parks Pass which is $200 for an annual pass that includes your vehicle and boat trailer or $20 per day for your vehicle and boat trailer.

Horsetooth Reservoir is a really cool part of Northern Colorado. There are six and a half miles of water to play on. The water is surrounded by 1,900 acres of public land.

My family has spent countless summer afternoons, tubing, rowing, and zooming through the waters. We have found treasures on shore, seen rattlesnakes under rocks, hurried to the dock when the storm moved in, and made countless memories at Horsetooth Reservoir.

Whether you have a boat to sleep on or not. Don't miss out on the enjoyment to be found at Horsetooth.

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