Have you ever surfed a mountain? For that matter, have you ever bombed Grand Junction, Colorado's beloved icon Mt. Garfield? Now you can, from the comfort of home.

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Why Would Anyone Want to 'Bomb' Grand Junction, Colorado's Mt. Garfield?

Would you like to tour Mt. Garfield and the Bookcliffs in less than 1/40th the amount of time it would take to climb them? Save some wear and tear on your body and surf Mt. Garfield from your TV or mobile device.

I'm going to show my age with this post. It seems to "bomb" or "surf" a mountain means to buzz it with a drone or some other flying device.

According to Airvuz, "mountain surfing" is described as:

Just as surfers maximize every bit of the energy and flow of giant waves, FPV pilots have similarly learned to conquer mountain peaks and ridges to ‘ride’ their edges and create epic drone videos. This incredibly scenic drone footage, the prize of these epic long-range flights, relies on the pilot’s steadfast maneuvering of their quadcoptors with their FPV goggles, enhanced transmitters, and fully charged batteries. But when all of these forces come together - along with good weather, to be fair - the pilots can capture these elevated chases like no other camera can.

There is another definition associated with a slight variation in the word. According to the Urban Dictionary, a "Mountain Bomb" is defined as:

Mountain Bomb

Marijuana grown in the mountains, typically hidden in state parks or Forrest land.

For our purposes today, I believe we'll go with the first definition, the one involving conquering mountain peaks and ridges and drones.

This is a Faster and More Efficient Way to Visit Mt. Garfield

Let me save you some time and effort. To date, my round-trip record for climbing Mt. Garfield comes in at 1:56:53. So that's roughly two hours, not counting the 30 minutes it takes to get from my house to Mt. Garfield, and the 30 minutes back home.

With this video, you can travel up, across, and back down in 2:53. So, in less than three minutes you can see everything you would experience after a two-hour hike.

In addition to saving time... climbing Mt. Garfield takes effort.

Fascinating Way to View Mt. Garfield and the Bookcliffs

A big "Thank You" and an extra-special kudos to WestPsyde for sharing this amazing video on Youtube. It just so happens the video was uploaded barely a month ago in December 2021. I wonder if I could get him to buzz the tunnel under I-70 leading to the trailhead. That's where the front license plate got ripped off my car while I drove through the water in the tunnel.

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