We have all probably heard a few words of wisdom from a parent or grandparent through the years that we wish we would have written down. My grandfather was always saying funny things that often got me in trouble when I repeated them in front of other adults.

What Colorado words of wisdom do you remember? Did your parents or grandparents throw around any old-time sayings that stuck with you? Scroll on to see the ones we can remember so far.

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Words of Wisdom

"There are two items on the menu. Take it or leave it." Every time we ask for fun old sayings we see new and interesting answers come in. Many are unique to Colorado but some are universal. People seem to remember the darndest things from pain remedies to tag lines or tips from the farmer's almanac.

Colorado Words of Wisdom

Scroll through the photos below to read the responses coming in as Grand Junction recalls some of the sayings we remember from back in the day. I love Jane's answer, "Don't plant tomatoes until the swan is gone." Kenny remembers hearing "That will fly like a lead balloon over Mount Elbert". Margo remembers hearing "The wind won't stop until the snow melts off of Horsefly".

Check out the answers so far in the gallery below. We bet you have a great saying we could add to the ones below.

Grand Junction Tries to Recall Grandma's Funny Old Colorado Sayings

Words of wisdom from older generations can be both confusing and profound. Scroll on as we look back at some of the fun old sayings we remember hearing growing up in Colorado.

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