A 60-year-old man is suing the city of Denver after an incident occurred where he alleges that excessive force was used against him.

The incident occurred on June 30th of 2019 where 60-year-old Aaron Hernandez was sitting with his son, Aaron Hernandez Jr. in the younger Hernandez's vehicle in a church parking lot when an officer, Sgt. Michael O'Neill approached said vehicle and ran the plates. O'Neill found that the younger Hernandez had a warrant out for his arrest and called for backup.

Later, officer Jayme Larson arrived on the scene body camera footage shows the elder Hernandez exit the vehicle. Hernandez claims that the reason he did so was that he was recovering from recent surgery and was in pain.

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It was then that Larson grabbed Hernandez and she, as well as officer Vance Larson, forced Hernandez to the ground. The incident escalated from there, with conflicting reports from officers and Hernandez as to what exactly happened. Hernandez describes the situation as such:

That was assault against me for me doing nothing. I told them I couldn’t do anything at all and then all of a sudden I’m on the ground getting beat up, getting hit in the face. It was brutal.

Body camera footage shows Hernandez being elbowed in the face which resulted in a broken orbital bone in his eye socket that he alleges has permanently damaged his vision. Footage also shows officers laughing after arresting both of the men.

Hernandez Sr. was charged with second and third-degree assault but all charges against him have since been dropped.

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