Seventeen years and three kids later, a Colorado married couple has discovered they are actually cousins.

Holy Matrimony, Batman, I Married My Cousin!

You may have seen the story recently in People Magazine. Celina Quinones and her husband Joseph were married in 2006 and have three kids together. About 10 years into their marriage, Celina was piecing together a family tree and took a DNA test. When the test results came back, she searched the family tree DNA and that's when she discovered she was married to her cousin.

The story went viral when Celina posted the story on TikTok and the video has been viewed over four million times. She told People the reason for putting the story out was because she thought it would be funny and "didn't think anything of it." The reaction has been mixed, but she says she's glad she did it.

How Closely Are the Married Cousins Related?

Celina doesn't know for sure to what degree she's related to her husband. The DNA test showed they are somewhere between second and seventh cousins. That means they could potentially have a great-grandparent in common.

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Are the Kids Okay?

The question in everybody's mind is what about the kids? The kids' ages are 15, 13, and 10 and all of them are healthy. Celina jokingly says "They have 10 fingers, 10 toes."

The Married Cousins Are Staying Together

After making the discovery she was married to a cousin, Celina had some doubts about whether or not they should stay married. Her husband told her not to worry about it and to "just brush it off."  The couple decided to stay together and in this case, love conquered all.

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