If you want a long life expectancy, Colorado isn't a bad option.

USA Today published a list of the top 50 US counties that have the highest life expectancy in the nation. The top three counties are in Colorado including the mountain counties of Summit, Pitkin, and Eagle.

In all, 10 Colorado counties made the list, but Mesa, Delta, Garfield, and Montrose Counties didn't make the list.

To figure out where people are living the longest, researchers looked at county-level life expectancy figures, death records, plus poverty and obesity levels.

The difference between the top and the bottom of the list was pretty substantial. Colorado's Summit County has a life expectancy of 86.8, while the 50th ranked county, which is in Wisconsin, had a life expectancy of 82.1.

It's not surprising that a number of Colorado counties made the list. I am a little surprised that Mesa County isn't included, considering how active the population is with biking and hiking.

By the way, the other Colorado counties that made the top 50 are San Miguel (7th), Douglas (10th), Hinsdale (12th), Ouray (21st), Routt (30th) and Park (39th). If you want to live long and prosper, apparently you need to move to one of these Colorado counties.

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