This could be the largest casino heist in Colorado history.

A cashier at the Monarch Casino has been arrested on suspicion of theft after $500,000 went missing from the Blackhawk casino.

Casino Employee Allegedly Walks Out With Boxes of Cash

According to 9 News, 44-year-old Sabrina Eddy walked out of the casino with half a million dollars in cash just after midnight on the morning of March 12. Allegedly, the woman can be seen on surveillance video placing bricks of $50,000 cash into a box and then taping the box shut. The arrest affidavit from the Colorado Division of Gaming says the woman walked out of the casino cage into the parking garage and drove off before returning a second time and leaving with more cash.

Suspect Maintains Her Innocence

According to the arrest affidavit, the woman told investigators she did nothing wrong and was only doing what she had been told to do by casino bosses. She said she was aware of casino procedures but was instructed to do otherwise.

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Casino Theft Investigation Is Continuing

There has been no official comment from the Division of Gaming, but Monarch Casino apparently confirmed that a theft had occurred. Eddy was booked into the Gilpin County Jail on suspicion of theft and the investigation is continuing.

If a theft has, in fact, occurred, it would be the largest casino theft in Colorado history. Ron Kammerzell, who works as a consultant for the gaming industry told 9 News he's not aware of a heist this large since gaming started in Colorado in 1991.

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