I have a hard time sitting still even when I'm just in a studio hosting a radio show, I can't imagine the level of stillness needed during this crazy encounter to avoid losing a few toes or worse.

A hunter in Colorado recently had a run it with a bear while he was in a tree stand being still (like a good hunter is supposed to do) and this guy not only stayed still, he did it while a bear approached him and was finding his shoe to be quite appetizing.

Not only was the act of staying still and calm impressive, he rolled video on the thing and while the video is super short, it's still super impressive.

Bears are currently feeding at a high rate and looking for as much food as they can shove into their mouths and into their bellies as they prepare for their winter hibernation period and apparently shoes are on the menu.

Thankfully, this particular bear didn't take an immediate chomp out of this man and his shoe but this is just an example of just how hard these animals are searching for food.

During this period, it's not uncommon for a bear to consume between 20,000 and 30,000 calories a day. I'm not sure how many calories are in a shoe or an entire foot for that matter but every calorie counts I guess.

We here in Colorado are in the prime bear country especially during the fall when they're preparing for hibernation and in the spring when they're waking up and super hungry.

Thanks to our friends at Colorado Parks and Wildlife, here are some reminders on how to keep yourself and others safe when encountering a bear.

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