Chris Watts, the man who murdered his family and is in prison for the rest of his life is getting love letters from women.

What would lead women to send love letters to a man who murdered his wife, his unborn child and his daughters before burying his wife in a shallow grave and leaving his daughters in drums of oil is beyond my understanding.

And yet there they were, along with crime scene photos, interviews, and text messages, released as part of the Freedom of Information Act concerning the crime.

Watts looked tan and handsome while begging for information on television news and the police were searching for his family and it's these images that led women to send him letters of love.

While hard to understand, it's nothing new. Murderers like Charles Manson, Ted Bundy and more had received love letters while in prison, but it seems as though, perhaps in part due to social media, these instances are increasing.

The fact that the crime was so heinous seems to have no effect on the women who wrote. One woman from Australia wrote she thought he had a "kind face".

Watts will spend the remainder of his life behind bars in Wisconsin where he can never hurt anyone again.

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