Chris Watts blames his lover/mistress for the murder of his own wife and kids. He says he would've never killed his pregnant wife and kids if it wasn't for her.

Chris Watts was convicted of murdering his pregnant wife and kids and is in prison for the rest of his life. He was moved from a Colorado prison to Dodge Correction Institution in Wisconsin.

Chris has recently confessed something in a prison letter about murdering his family. According to Chris, he says he would've never killed his family if it weren't for his mistress, Nichol Kessinger.

He thought Nichol was his soulmate and after killing his family, he felt no remorse, just that was free to be with Nikki. He said that his feelings of love for her were overcoming.

Chris Watts had been seeing Nichol for two months when he murdered his two daughters and pregnant wife. He even admitted to giving his wife Oxycodone in hopes that she would miscarry, making it easier to be with his mistress.

The letter was written from prison to his pen pal, Cheryl Cadle. Cheryl Cadle is working on a new book called "Letters from Christopher."

Chris said that he wouldn't have murdered his pregnant wife and kids if he didn't meet Nichol Kessinger. I don't know how he thought this was the only way that he could be with her and how he could justify that kind of behavior.

Once Nichol found out that Chris was married and his family was missing, she knew something was up. She immediately went to authorities to tell them about their relationship and his lies.

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