Gas prices across the nation are going up, but here's where to find the cheapest gas in Grand Junction.

What A Difference A Year Makes

One year ago at this time, the cheapest gas in Grand Junction was $2.39 per gallon at several local gas stations. Today, a gallon of gas is going to cost you over $3.00 and it might not be long before gas is a whole dollar more than it was in February of 2021.

Grand Junction Gas Prices Are Below the National Average

AAA Colorado says demand for gas right now is high, while supply remains on the low side, driving prices up nationwide. Fortunately, gas prices in Grand Junction are about 25 cents below the national average of $2.48, however, in Colorado's high country gas prices are above the national average.

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High Prices In Colorado's High Country

According to Gas Buddy, in Vail, you will currently pay between $3.64 and $3.80 per gallon. In Avon and Eagle, you'll pay around $3.59. If you are traveling the I-70 corridor over the Presidents Day holiday weekend, you could save some money by making sure your tank is full when you leave Grand Junction - and then strategically plan subsequent gas stops based on prices posted on the Gas Buddy website.

Changing ColoradoTravel Plans?

At what point will rising gas prices affect your travel plans? Although gas prices are higher than a year ago, it feels like most people aren't cutting back on travel. However, if gas prices approach $4 a gallon, a lot of us may limit our travel - or at the very least change the way we choose to spend money when we are on the road.

10 Lowest Gas Prices In Grand Junction Right Now

With some help from Gas Buddy, here's a look at where you can currently find the cheapest gas in Grand Junction.

Then and Now: More Dramatic Changes In Grand Junction

Grand Junction has changed dramatically and significantly over the years, and thanks to Google, we can look and see how Grand Junction looked in 2008 compared to how it looks today. Stroll through the images and see how well your memory is at recalling the way things used to be.

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