I'm not much of a cat person, but Charlie the Cat sounded like a "Cool Cat."

The Cat from Outer Space was a movie favorite of mine back in the late 70's. When I was reading about the famous feline from Fruita on Facebook that's all I could think about.

For nearly 19 years, Charlie was a talented "reporter" that wrote for the Fruita Times Newspaper. Yes, you read that correctly, a reporter. The Fruita Times served the community for 120 years and Charlie the Cat got to be part of the skilled team.

Charlie was like me in a way. With the help of several humans, Charlie would write about numerous things going on, such as local events in Fruita, friends, favorite things to do, like eating, traveling, and other pets.

Charlie lived a pleasant life and for the most part of it at the Fruita Times office where all the work was done.

Kind of interesting Charlie the Cat was born in 1995 and sadly passed away in 2014 just a few months before the Newspaper said it's good-byes to the community and closed shop.

Fruita's famous cat Charlie remains in the memory of many. Meow!

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