The idea of cameras in the classroom has been around for a lot of years and there are many opinions about it.

Like a lot of issues today, there aren't any easy answers or solutions. And there is no way that everyone is going to be in agreement. Some of that evidence is illustrated in the comments below from listeners who responded to the question "Should Grand Junction Classrooms Be Equipped With Cameras?"

The Arguments For Cameras In the Classroom?

There appears to be a growing number of parents across the country who are concerned about what their kids are being taught in public school. Advocates would say cameras could improve safety, reinforce accountability, improve student behavior, and allow parents to see and hear what information is being given out. Cameras in the classroom could also help prevent cheating and other bad behavior.

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Reasons Not To Have Cameras In the Classroom

Critics would say cameras in the classroom would undermine teachers, would be an invasion of privacy, and could open the door to hackers with bad intentions. Who, exactly, would be given access to the video? Teachers and schools could be subject to lawsuits from parents who disagree with what's being taught, especially in the realm of social issues.

Should Grand Junction Classrooms Be Equipped With Cameras?

We wanted to know what Grand Junction residents think about the idea of cameras in the classroom. As you might expect, people have pretty strong feelings about it - and opinions are varied. It's a complicated issue. According to, 75% of public schools in America utilize cameras for common areas such as entrances, hallways, and the cafeteria, but there is great reluctance to bring video surveillance into the classroom

Here is a look at what some of our listeners had to say about the subject of cameras in the classroom in Grand Junction.

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