A mom in Colorado who asked for donations for her terminally ill daughter's bucket list has been arrested and charged with her death.

Kelly Renee Turner, 41 who is also known as Kelly Gant has been indicted for murder and has also been charged with 13 criminal counts including child abuse, theft, and charitable fraud in the death of her daughter Olivia Gant, 7.

Turner, according to the indictment, is the cause of her daughter's death, not the illnesses Turner claimed Olivia had.

The child had been on several ride alongs with police and fire crews and the Make-A-Wish Foundation paid $11,000 for a bat princess party for her.

Olivia Gant died in 2017 for what was then thought of as an intestinal failure. Her body was exhumed last year and found no evidence of any of the illnesses her mother had claimed she had.

The investigation started due to Turner bringing her older daughter in complaining of bone pain.

Her daughters were insured by Medicaid and Turner is also accused of fraudulently getting nearly $539,000 in medical care.

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