Brian Thomas loves hunting, fishing and also cooking. Brian's brought some Southern flair to the Grand Valley with his food truck and this is how he got started.

Brian Thomas is a Colorado native that was born in Denver and spent a lot of time in the Grand Valley, which is where he currently lives. He moved around a lot because his dad was in the military, and ended up spending about 15 years in Alabama. The two things that Brian loved the most about the south are the food and the people -- which I can attest to since I'm from the Carolinas.

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Brian has lived in the Grand Junction/Montrose area for the last 20 years. He decided to move back to the Grand Valley because he loved the area, especially because of all of the outdoor activities. Brian is an avid hunter and fisherman -- and he loves to cook. He says he was always cooking in his camps. He found out he loved cooking during home-ec in the seventh grade and loved to cook with his mom and grandma.

He brought a piece of the south with him to Grand Junction and opened up a food truck called The Buttered Biscuit less than a year ago. Brian chose the menu items by picking things that weren't readily available and also Southern food that he liked to eat. He didn't want to be stuck to a location, which is why he opted for a food truck. According to Brian, he wanted to offer a breakfast alternative with Southern flair to the Grand Junction area.

  • Favorite Southern food: Fried chicken
  • Favorite fish to catch: King salmon
  • Favorite camping spot: Buckeye Reservoir near Paradox
  • Favorite place in Colorado: Anywhere in the mountains

I'm extremely impressed by Brian's Southern food and I'm so happy I got to try your Southern food favorites or Southern food that you want to try (chicken biscuit, chicken and waffles and biscuits, and gravy) and you can see watch the video below. Opening The Buttered Biscuit wasn't Brian's first time opening a business, he's ran hunting lodges and been a guide before. He says that his favorite part about owning a business -- is being his own boss.

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