Our Local Love is all about Paige Cadman. Here's why she loves helping people so much and the most rewarding thing that's she's done in her career.

We met Paige through Hilltop, who coordinates the Men In Heels Race. We loving MCing the Men in Heels Race every year and we love that we met Paige. Paige Cadman has lived in the Grand Valley since the second grade, so she's pretty much a local. She went to CMU and was an ambassador there. She said as soon as she graduated, she pretty much did the same thing in the admissions office.

Paige has her bachelor's degree in mass communication and a master's degree in business, both from Colorado Mesa University. After she got her master's degree, she found a job posting that she felt was written for her. Paige has been a special events coordinator at Hilltop for the past five years.

She says she loves it because she gets to keep planning events and parties and help people, all at the same time. Paige is truly a people person, she says that she's an extrovert and it's a symbiotic relationship. The happier she can make other people, the happier it makes her.

Paige Cnadman loves giving back, truly connecting with others, and being social. She says that one of the most rewarding things she's ever done was being the coordinator of the ambassador program at CMU. She mentored a lot of students that are still her friends to this day, and she loved being able to help them grow.

She has been married for the last ten years, has a 4-year-old son, and is also expecting in April. They're expecting a baby girl. Paige is very excited about the theme of the nursey, which is going to be 'powerful women of Pixar.'

Paige left us with this:

I really like the saying that be kind because you don't know what anyone else's journey is about.

She stressed the importance of being there for one another and tries to live her life helping out other people, giving back, and being there for people who need it.

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