Brown Palace bar in Palisade was on the corner of 3rd and Main over 110 years ago. Bottoms up, we're taking it back to 1905 and having a drink at Brown Palace bar with an old-school drink token.

The Brown Palace bar was open in Palisade from 1905-1908. The bar was owned by James Purcell and the drinks were poured by Robert Sidney Brown. The picture of the bar was taken over 110 years ago in October of 1905.

I like their vintage Coors signs in the windows. The owner, James Purcell, was the only Coors agent in the area so the Coors signage makes sense.

There are also photos of a drink token below. One side says 'Brown Palace' and the other side says 'good for one drink' and 'five cents.' Drinks were only five cents at this bar in Palisade and honestly, that's hard to even imagine.

It seems like drinks are at the very least $5 nowadays, which means in the last 113 years, drink prices have increased by...a lot.

The same building still stands in Palisade but is no longer home to this bar or any other bar. Rapid Creek Cycles is now located where the Brown Palace bar was.

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