It's an interesting time.

We can't go to the gym, no sports teams are playing and heck, we can't even watch or play golf. What are we going to do?

Well, how about playing in the back yard?

We have come up with a few things you can do in your back yard to help keep you active and have fun at the same time. Now, it helps to have a back yard, but if you don't, find a spot near your house or apartment where no one else is congregating, or at least fewer than 10 are, and see how you do.

Backyard Golf:

If you love golf and you have to components, you can amaze your friends your community and even yourself by pulling off some amazing golf shots. Like these:

But if golf isn't your game, how about some lawn bowling? Or bowling on your lawn? Two different things. For example, there's this:

But there's also this:

That's obviously going to need some room, but if you don't have room, make a shorter area and just have fun.

If you have a basket and a ball, try these:

Put together some videos of what you're doing to help pass the time and let's all have a little fun.

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