Who could forget the infamous brawl at Joe Louis Arena on March 26, 1997, between the Detroit Red Wings and Colorado Avalanche?

The Red Wings/Avalanche rivalry hit its pinnacle 22 years ago today (March 26) just short of a year after Colorado's Claude Lemieux rocked Detroit's Chris Draper into the boards breaking Draper's jaw and shattering his cheek in a 1996 playoff game.

This unforgettable fight for both Avalanche and Red Wings fans was one of nine -- and most badass -- in this game.

The free-for-all started when Detroit's Igor Larionov and Colorado's Peter Forsberg ran into each other and began fighting, at which point Detroit's scrapper Darren McCarty burst in and started pounding on Forsberg.

Red Wings' Brendan Shanahan and Avalanche Adam Foote were going fist-to-cuff, and goalies Mike Vernon and Patrick Roy tangoed at center ice!

Red Wings fans say that the Wings pummeled the Avs, and vice versa, what do you think?

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