It's always nice to stumble across a nice feel-good story, and one of the latest comes from right here in Colorado.

If you're the slightest bit of a sports fan or even keep up with the news in the least bit, you probably know that our professional hockey team, the Colorado Avalanche, won The Stanley Cup this year.

A famous superhero's uncle Ben once said, "With great power, comes great responsibility," and our Colorado Avalanche recently followed this mantra by giving back to the community with a visit to a Colorado children's hospital with the Stanley Cup.

Colorado Avalanche and Stanley Cup Visit a Children's Hospital

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Just east of the Denver metro area in the suburb of Aurora is a large area filled with medical buildings. Among these buildings is the Colorado Children's Hospital which treats brave adolescents that are fighting major illnesses.

It's never a fun position to be in, especially if you're a patient, but sometimes a mere gesture can make all the difference. I'll never forget a time in my own life when I was recovering in the hospital, relearning how to walk and swallow, and I was treated with a surprise visit from a big, white, fluffy dog named Wally. A simple thing like that lifted my spirits exponentially.

Recently, Colorado Avalanche players Erik Johnson and Devon Toews brought the Stanley Cup to the Colorado Children's Hospital and were met with smiles from the patients and staff alike.

They visited rooms, walked through the hallways, took photos with fans, and brought brilliance to what could very well have been a metaphorically cloudy day for the folks at the hospital.

Keep scrolling to take a look at some highlights from the recent visit from the Avalanche players and the Stanley Cup to the Colorado Children's Hospital:

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Colorado Avalanche and Stanley Cup Visit Children’s Hospital

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