It's never good to hear about local businesses closing their doors for good, and within the next couple of months, we will see 19 stores in two major Colorado ski towns do just that.

Keep scrolling for the story as to what's going on with these stores and to find out exactly which retail shops are going to be bidding us farewell in the near future.

Colorado Ski Towns to Lose 19 Stores Soon

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Last month it was announced that a part of Vail Resorts known as SSI Venture has made the decision to not renew the leases of 19 stores in the popular ski towns of Telluride and Aspen.

According to the statement, the company has declined to renew the stores' leases in an effort to focus on its "core retail markets."

In doing this, an estimated 69 jobs in Telluride and Aspen will be permanently eliminated and a lot of empty storefronts will begin appearing in the world-famous ski towns.

Telluride's 2022-23 season is set to end on April 2nd, 2023, and Aspen's closing date looks to be set at April 23rd, which is likely when all of these businesses will say goodbye as well.

So, which stores are among the 19 that will be closing their doors for good by the end of the season?

Which Stores are Aspen and Telluride Losing?

The majority of the stores that are going out of business are part of the Aspen Sports and Telluride Sports brands which include six stores in Telluride and seven in Aspen. In addition, Aspen and Telluride will both be losing Patagonia and The North Face stores, while Telluride will also be losing its Burton and Neve Sports retailers.

Keep scrolling to see all 19 of the stores set to close by the end of the 2023 ski season:

These Aspen + Telluride Stores will Be Going out of Business Soon

19 businesses and 69 jobs are set to be eliminated by the end of the ski season in two major Colorado resort towns.

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