So I'm going through the check out line at the store the other day, but encountered a problem. The cart would not fit between the beam and the counter. I immediately thought, " Are you kidding me? Are monkeys running this operation?"
What you don't see here are all the carts to the left of mine that were parked because they wouldn't fit through the allotted space. and customers have left them there in utter frustration. What monkey was in charge of designing this layout?

I tried several times to try and squeeze the cart through the space, but each time I was turned back by the narrowness of the opening. If felt like trying to force a square peg into a round hole. I said "are you kidding me?" about three times before giving up in despair.

Going around the beam was not an option, due to the line of people on the other side. Fortunately, as you can see, I didn't have a ton of groceries to empty out of the cart. But, as I unloaded the cart, awkwardly trying to place my items on counter, I thought to myself, "it would be quite okay with myself if I didn't come back here for a long, long time."