For centuries men have wondered what it is that women want. Now, thanks to a new survey, we at least know the ten things that women wish men were better at.

There is always room for self-improvement -regardless of what sex you are. But, now, as the Daily Mail reports, a new survey is helping us know what areas need the most improvement. So, guys, let's get to work.
Here's the top 10 things that women wish men were better at:

1. Tidying Up ( we are trying........)
2. Being Romantic (are we surprised?)
3. Fixing things around the house ( hey, we all can't be a Bob Villa)
4. Listening ( oh, sorry, were you talking to me?)
5. Cleaning ( now, what exactly is the difference between "tidying up"
and cleaning?)
6. Cooking (I'm afraid it is what it is......)
7. Socializing (Does socializing with the recliner and a bag of Lay's count?)
8. Managing Money (If we had more money it would be a lot easier to manage)
9. Do-it-yourself- projects - (If we were better at this we would have less time for socializing and cleaning, and being romantic...)
10. Talking (Now, which is it, do you want us to talk or do you want us to listen?)

Now, here's the top 10 things than men wish women were better at, according to the results of the survey.

1. Sex - (Maybe it doesn't have to be better, we just want it to exist)
2. Managing Money (Spending money does not count as "managing" the finances)
3. Cooking ( You don't have to be the Galloping Gourmet, but enough with the Hamburger Helper!)
4. Tidying Up (We may be slobs, but that doesn't mean we don't like things to be tidy)
5. Socializing (Okay, who are the knuckleheads that put this in there)
6. Listening (We want you to listen with your eyes, not just your ears)
7. Being Romantic (It goes both ways, it's not ALL up to the guy........)
8. Cleaning (Sure, we'll help, but the fact is you have better skills in this area)
9. Driving Without Getting Lost - (Just learn how to use that app on your smart phone, please)
10. Driving in General - (This isn't the time to multi-task - eyes on the road please..)

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