The office environment is a great place to pull harmless pranks for April Fools Day. You just need a coworker that leaves their computer when they leave for meetings or lunch, then you do your dirty work and enjoy when they return. Just make sure they have a good sense of humor first.Here are some simple pranks that you can pull on April Fools Day at work. The best thing about these pranks is that they do not involve subjecting anyone to something gross, like mayonnaise in a doughnut and no one gets more than their pride hurt.

  • Make it Pop... I Mean, Stop!: For a prank that will drive anyone crazy, enable pop-up notifications on your coworker's computer in 30 second intervals. They can say anything you'd like- make them think they have meetings coming up, notify them it's time to shave that goatee they've been working on that you strongly disapprove of, tell them they look lovely today- no matter what the messages are, they're bound to drive them up a wall. 
  • Virtualize the Post-It Prank: Instead of physically covering your coworker's desk with post-its, here is an even sneakier attack that brings it virtually to their computer desktop. For Mac's, use the sticky-note application and for PC's, use the chain "Start -> All Programs -> Accessories -> Sticky Notes" to infiltrate your coworker's desktop with little notes of your choosing. Take the prank one step further and rename all of their desktop icons so that once they remove all the sticky notes, they're faced with outlandish names for everything on their desktop.
  • Sneaky as a Mouse: Here is an easy prank to pull on someone's computer if they never leave it unlocked when they walk away. Wwhen your coworker is in a meeting or out to lunch, install a wireless mouse to their computer. When they come back, control the mouse from the desk over, and watch them ponder in confusion as their computer pointer takes on a life of its own.
  • Drawing a Blank: Here is another for the incessant computer lock-up-er. Turn the brightness setting all the way up and the contrast settings all the way down on your coworkers' monitor, leaving a seemingly frozen screen for them to return to. Get ready to watch them freak out as they think that their computer monitor has fizzled out on them just when they needed to finish that big report.
  • No... You Called Me!: This one is a favorite! If your office phone has the ability to make conference calls, you can prank call two people at once. Dial one coworker's extension, then quickly dial the other's into a conference call. They will both answer at once while you listen in as their argue over who called who. Or you can just answer the phone "Joe's Pizza, Tom Speaking" all day long. Count the hang ups that you get.

Remember that pranks are meant to be fun for everyone, even those that they are played on, once they have been told what has happened. Don't be too mean to your office IT guy either by waiting until he has run over to look at the issue to explain what you did. Tell you co-worker after he has called IT, so that he has to call back and tell them "Nevermind". Have a fun day!


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