April Fool's Day is Wednesday, and unlike years in the past, it's going to be a challenge to pull off a good prank while social distancing. Here are some ideas on how you can celebrate while avoiding human contact.

There is an app called Cat Facts Texts that will surely get under your friends' skin. The app allows you to add contacts, then sends random cat facts to your friends from an anonymous number. It isn't free to send these alerts, but probably worth it for one day of annoyance.

Change Relationship Status

Another fun idea is to change your relationship status on Facebook, especially if you're single. For example, maybe you and a friend mutually decide to be in a "relationship" for a day, confusing all of your mutual friends. Or, you could change your status then change your profile pic to a photo of you with, say, a model you met once. The possibilities are endless.

Hide Your Significant Other's Meal

A lot of restaurants are offering curbside pickup and take-out these days, and one good way to prank your significant other is to hide their meal. You could start out by playing dumb, then when your S/O begins to get impatient, hint that their meal is somewhere in the house. If you want to get really elaborate, you could even set up a treasure hunt for them.

Typing Dots Prank

If you have an iPhone, you can definitely get under a fellow iOS user's skin by sending them a GIF of the infamous typing dots. It'll appear that you're typing a novel, and your prankee will undoubtedly become irritated waiting for the text.

This one's been around a while, and it never gets old. Essentially what you do is slowly send song lyrics to someone in your contacts, line by line. Your friend will definitely start to get annoyed, and more times than not the best part of this prank is the responses you'll receive between lyrics.

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