I really do love my co-workers, but I just have to tell you this is some nasty stuff.

For the longest time, I have felt the need, the urge, the desire to clean out the small refrigerator that serves the needs of the programming staff on our half of the building. But, and perhaps you've been there, you don't want to throw out somebody's lunch or condiments, so you're hesitant to carry the purge too far.

However, at some point what you see in the refrigerator on a daily basis takes on a certain familiarity, and something inside of you is begging the question "exactly how long has this stuff been in there?"

Well, finally, you get up the nerve and the courage to dig into the inner sanctum of the fridge and delve into the unknown. What will you find? How long has it been in there? How completely disgusting will it be? Once you get in there, is there any chance of getting out alive?

After updating my last will and testament and offering possible final words to loved ones, with elbow length rubber gloves, full-body suit, and mask I dove into the refrigerator. Uncertain of the outcome, I bravely forged ahead for the sake of those who will come after me. It's possible I haven't done that much good in my life, but I was determined that at the very least I was going to leave the legacy of a clean refrigerator.

You can see my findings in the photo gallery. For your sake, I hope the viewing does not take place anywhere near mealtime as you may suddenly discover a loss of appetite. In fact,  you may not be able to eat any solid food for the next three days.

The fact is, I do love my co-workers. They are awesome people and friends. But, there's no other way to put it. This is some nasty stuff, and I am hoping that I never have the occasion to look at, deal with, handle, and discard stuff that has been in the fridge for six months or more.

I also hope that my story can be an inspiration to workers across the valley who, perhaps, now will feel the strength and the courage to tackle the nastiness of their co-workers and commence to purging the office icebox.

Friend, you are not alone. We are kindred spirits. You got this. And on the other side, there is victory, relief, a cleaner refrigerator,  and you can say so long to the nastine ss.

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