It's time to apply for free and reduced lunches at your District 51 school in Mesa County. Reapplication is necessary every year and here's how you can see if you qualify and apply.

It's hard to belive that summer is coming to end and school is starting again. Make sure you're ready for the school year by seeing if you qualify for free or reduced lunch for your kids. According to KKCO:

District 51 said you have to reapply ever year, and applications are due before school starts.

There are approximately 11,000 students that qualify for free or reduced lunch in District 51. Students who receive free or reduced lunch eat the same lunch as everyone else, according to KKCO.

Dan Sharp, from District 51's nutrition services, states:

In no way does any staff member in any school know who the free or reduced students are.

See if you qualify and apply (or reapply) for free or reduced lunch at District 51 schools here.

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