Thanksgiving may be over, but many of the leftovers aren't, including a Colorado favorite, the green bean casserole.

It's more than obvious that side dishes like stuffing - or dressing if you prefer - regular or sweet potatoes, and cranberries are served at most tables as part of a Thanksgiving meal.

But, who would have thought a whopping 50 percent (roughly 2.68 million) people in Colorado had green bean casserole as part of their Thanksgiving meal?

According to the Del Monte Green Bean Index which surveyed people across the nation, 30 million green bean casseroles would be served on Thanksgiving Day in the US.

The survey ranked all 50 states and Colorado ranked seventh, with 50 percent of people surveyed saying green bean casserole would be a part of their meal.

According to the survey, here are the top 10 green bean casserole states and the percentage of people who were 'green' for Thanksgiving.

  1. Louisiana 60%
  2. Oklahoma 58%
  3. Kentucky 57%
  4. Florida 54%
  5. Wisconsin 52%
  6. Missouri 51%
  7. Colorado 50%
  8. Kansas 49%
  9. New Hampshire 48%
  10. Maine 46%

There are several different variations of the easy to make casserole, with most containing green beans, sauce, and a topping.

While some people like to go all out on additions to the basic recipe, my family prefers to keep it simple.

That means we were part of the 50 percent of people in Colorado who ate green bean casserole for Thanksgiving. And yes, there are leftovers for the day after, too.