The third moose attack of the year recently happened in Colorado, serving as a reminder to play it safe when visiting areas with high wildlife traffic.

According to a press release from the Boulder County Sheriff's office, a moose charged a couple and their dog while they were visiting the West Magnolia Trailhead near Nederland.

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Moose Attack Reported to Boulder County Sherriff's Office

On Wednesday, June 8, at approximately 8 AM, the Boulder County Sheriff's office was alerted to a moose attack near Netherland at the West Magnolia Trailhead.

A man, woman, and dog were exploring the area when a moose charged at the family. The 31-year-old made received serious bodily injuries, while the woman and dog also received minor injuries.

Boulder Sherriff's Office Responds to Moose Attack

Upon arrival, a Boulder County Sherriff's office deputy ran into the moose in question. In the distance, they could hear the moose's victims calling for help. The deputy chose to scare off the moose by firing bean bag rounds at the animal. The moose retreated and the deputy was able to reach the victims.

While attending to the wounded family, the moose returned to the scene. The deputy fired a warning shot to encourage the moose to leave and it did.

Medical personnel and the deputy were assisting the injured mail when the moose returned to the area for the third time. The moose remained hostile and continued to charge at people.

Unfortunately, the deputy had to discharge their weapon and take down the moose so that others did not become injured.

Why Was this Moose so Aggressive?

Colorado Parks and Wildlife recently put out a reminder to residents to beware of aggressive wildlife behavior during this time.

Many animals are giving birth at this time and will demonstrate extremely aggressive behavior to protect their babies.

“Cows will be exhibiting normal protective behavior of their young,” said Shannon Schaller, Deputy Regional Manager with CPW’s Northeast region. “Give wildlife extra space this time of year. Be sure to keep dogs on leashes. Dogs can trigger aggressive behavior and both moose and elk will chase a dog right back to their owner, presenting a dangerous situation.”

The Boulder County Sherriff's office has stated that Colorado Parks and Wildlife will be investigating the incident.

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