This is the story I hoped to write as a follow-up to the one written yesterday. The young girl who was abducted in Grand Junction on Wednesday has been found at the Walmart store in Rifle.

Raeanna Rosencrans was reported missing Wednesday afternoon after getting into a vehicle with a man while walking from the bus stop after school to her home.

It was later determined the man in the vehicle was 47-year-old Jody Haskin who is the girl's stepfather but has no legal custody. Haskin is a convicted sex offender and already had a warrant for his arrest prior to taking Raeanna Rosencrans.

Raeanna was located by authorities at the Rifle Walmart store at approximately 10 p.m. Thursday (April 26). Reports indicate she is unharmed but has been taken to the hospital to be checked by a doctor.

Police have not located Haskin and request that anyone who sees him or has information about his whereabouts call 911 immediately.

For now, we can all rest easier knowing Raeanna is safe. There isn't a better way I can think of right now to end the day. Sweet dreams Raeanna.

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