As with many rivers in Colorado, the San Miguel has some great options for watercraft users of all skill levels. This year, there is one area of the river that is too dangerous for anyone, regardless of skill.

The Bureau of Land Management has determined a section of the San Miguel river one-half mile upstream of the Caddis Flats recreation site is impossible for any watercraft to travel through safely.

In this section, the river has changed course and now runs through dense trees and brush along an extremely narrow river channel. Even the most experienced boaters are advised to completely avoid this area.

For those on the river, take out at the Placerville river access site and travel to the Caddis Flats recreation site or other places downstream to continue. The BLM has placed signs along that part of the river warning boaters of the danger.

San Miguel River Hazard Map
Courtesy Bureau of Land Management

Source: BLM

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