The Pitkin County Healthy Rivers Whitewater Park guarantees water in the Roaring Fork River all year making a great habitat for fish and a constant supply of water for recreation.

The great thing about this park is it allows Pitkin County the right to put calls on Roaring Fork River Rights to keep water flowing, maintaining not only a Recreational In-Channel Diversion (RICD) but also a better balance of the river ecology.

The RICD contains a series of man-made recreational river waves which kayakers, paddle boarders, and others can enjoy. The park is just off Two Rivers Road below Fisherman's Park about a half-mile from downtown Basalt.

Fall is a great time to try out the water park as the flows are slower, more fun and less challenging. The slower water is perfect for novice kayakers and boarders to learn and practice so they're ready for the big fast waves that will come with spring run-off.

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