I'd like to ask is Colorado's Blue Mesa Reservoir half empty or half full? Unfortunately, it's more than half empty and less than half full. Fact is, it hasn't been this empty since the 1980s.

If the Blue Mesa Reservoir water level continues to decline at its current rate, it may reach a historic low. Right now, the reservoir is just under 39% capacity. The last time it was this low was in 1987. This is particularly concerning because Blue Mesa is Colorado's largest body of water.

The lack of snowpack and spring runoff has greatly impacted Blue Mesa and numerous other lakes and reservoirs in Colorado. As of September 6th, 437,215 acre-feet of water have flowed into Blue Mesa while 853,367 acre-feet have been released during the 2018 water year. To put it simply, 51% more water is going out than is coming in.

It's a good thing the busiest part of boating season is ending because the water level is now low enough that most boat ramps are or will be closed soon. Elk Creek Marina is the exception but may close if water levels drop low enough.

The National Parks Service has webcams set up at Elk Creek and Dillon Pinnacles so you can see what the reservoir looks like at the most current water level.

Additional Source: KRDO

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