One of the sure signs that spring is on the way is the opening of Highline Lake.

When Does Highline Lake Open?

According to the Highline Lake Facebook page, it will open on Wednesday, March 4, 2020.

While boating on chilly water is one thing, swimming is quite another. I'm pretty sure nobody is itching to go take a dip in Highline's icy water right now, but, just in case you are one of the frozen few, you'll have to wait. The swim beach will be opening on Friday, May 8.

If you are planning to put a boat in the water soon, keep in mind that all boats on Colorado waters need to be registered. Every motorboat and sailboat is also required to have an ANS stamp, which will cost you an additional $25.

In addition to passing ANS inspection, boaters are required to have the necessary safety equipment on board in order to operate on Colorado waters. You can check out the latest boating regulations here. You'll also need to be sure to purchase your Colorado parks pass.

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