What a difference a  year makes.

The Alpine Bank Junior College World Series has been a part of Grand Junction since 1958. Not only is that farther back than most of can remember, a good many of us hadn't even been born yet when JUCO came to Grand Junction. Talk about long-standing community traditions, it would be tough to find one that tops the annual baseball tournament in Grand Junction.

One year ago at this time, we were looking forward to the start of the Junior College World Series over the Memorial Holiday Weekend and a week packed full of baseball games at Suplizio Field. This year all we can do is think about some of the great memories we've had at JUCO through the years and hope that by next year at this time things will basically be normal and we can enjoy the return of baseball.

There are so many good things about JUCO, which explains why tens of thousands of fans attend every year. But, for each fan, it's about their own experience. That's what makes it so good. Some fans don't miss a single game, while others may take in a handful of games, and some that are all about the championship game. But, the games are special to each fan for a variety of reasons.

For me, there are five things that make my JUCO baseball experience something special. Your list is probably a little different, though I don't doubt we like some of the same things. In honor of this year's missing baseball tournament, here are the five things I'll miss most about the Alpine Bank Junior College World Series.

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