We all love a good mystery, don't we? I know I do, and so I had to go digging to see if there were any in Colorado, and there are. Trying to find information on conspiracy theories is like trying to find information on unicorns. You know there may be some facts in there, but honestly, are these real?

I have them listed here for you. You decide.

Portals In Grand Junction

5 Colorado Conspiracy Theories That Will Give You Goosebumps
Jerod Kenyon

Say what? Yeah, according to information contained in a 2008 Daily Sentinel article, people reported seeing lights, "star" people, and other weird, not normal occurrences. It is said that under the Grand Valley is an enormous facility that has, among other things, vortexes and portals that have openings all over the place to allow aliens to come and go as they please. We will have to look into this one a little deeper.

Alien Contact Point at Norad

7 Colorado Conspiracy Theories That Will Give You Goosebumps

You read that right. One of many theories that exist about NORAD is that they are an actual contact point for aliens. Or you can choose to believe that humans and aliens are working side by side in the deep recesses of the Colorado Springs-based facility. Or maybe the microchip facility they are planning. You know, for world domination?

DIA's Underground City

This took on a life of it's own and to prove it, there are over 80,000 YouTube videos on this very subject. From an alien base to a secret base to launch attacks, to just about any theory you can imagine, DIA has no shortage of conspiracy theories. Here is one of those videos.

Mt. Blanca Alien Base

Mt. Blanca is located between Alamosa and Walsenburg, and has been the subject of many theories regarding the mountain itself, as well as what may lie beneath it. There are even rumors of a secret military expedition into the mountain to "root out" the aliens living there. Southwestern tribes were rumored to have underground passages, allowing them to go back and forth without ever setting foot on the top soil.

Bluecipher-Denver International Airport

5 Colorado Conspiracy Theories That Will Give You Goosebumps
Michael Smith, Getty Images

Commissioned to represent the old west and the spirit of the settlers, this statue was commissioned by the airport. Nothing odd there, right? Well, the sculpture killed the sculpture while he was creating it, which is sad, but not necessarily conspiratorial in nature. No, it's the other theories that abound concerning old Blue. My favorite being this is the focal point for some sort of New World Order.

Mutilated Cattle

7 Colorado Conspiracy Theories That Will Give You Goosebumps
(Zane Mathews)

This one has been going around for awhile. Aliens come down, mutilate the cattle and leave. No beef there, I guess. But here's a little more to the story. These mutilations started some 50 years ago. Long before the internet. So when you hear a rancher talk about his cattle being mutilated by aliens, give a listen. They may not be talking just to hear themselves speak.

So, do YOU have any theories you might want to explore? Share them!

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