The closure of a heavily traveled road will have a week-long impact on Grand Junction motorists.

Why Is There a 24 Road Closure?

A half-mile section of 24 Road is being temporarily closed beginning Monday between F 1/2 Road and G Road to allow for the installation of underground utilities. The closure means significant detours for motorists who normally use the popular road on Grand Junction's west side.

The City of Grand Junction says the closure is part of the larger G Road bridge replacement project.  In order to accommodate the new bridge structure, underground utilities need to be relocated. The new water line and sewer line will be moved to the south of G road and connect to the lines on 24 Road.

Access to Canyon View Park

The south entrance to Canyon View Park will be closed during the 24 Road closure.  Park users will need to use the 24 Road entrance north of G Road, or the 24 1/2 Road entrance.

Easy Detour Routes

Essentially, there are two detour routes you can use to get to Canyon View Park or Community Hospital if you are approaching from the south. From Patterson, simply go north on 24 1/2 Road all the way to G Road.  The other option is to take HWY 6/50 to 23 Road, and then north to G Road.  During the temporary 24 Road closure, G Road will be open between 24 Road and Spanish Trail Drive.

City of Grand Junction/Google Maps
City of Grand Junction/Google Maps

How Long Will 24 Road Be Closed?

The closure on 24 Road will start on Monday, October 4, and is expected to last six days. The expectation is that 24 Road will be fully open to traffic on Sunday, October 10.

As with most road construction, the road closure means a minor temporary inconvenience. The people most significantly impacted by the closure will be motorists who aren't aware of the closure until they get there - at which point they'll realize they need to take one of the detours. Just plan ahead and you'll be fine.

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