The Mesa County Board of Commissioners has approved the budget for Mesa County that represents an increase of $8,302,721, or roughly 4.8% higher than the 2019 budget.

Not included in the budget are any tax increases or any increases that require voter approval.

What is included, are a few fee increases, such as those paid to use the county dump. Added to the increase is a $2 per ton increase in dumping fees and a flat $8 fee for each mattress brought to the dump. Also increased in this budget are a few wages. Some areas in the county have not been able to offer raises and remain competitive in the employment market, so the budget includes a merit-based pay raise of 2%.

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Also increasing in the budget for 2020 are health insurance premiums, tuition reimbursement, and the addition of several positions within the county such as a Forensic Computer Analyst for the Sheriff’s Office, an Administrative Assistant in the District Attorney's office and a building inspector.

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